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1912. A tense private seance in the home of a Byronesque madame

Off-broadway at The Players Theatre

115 MacDougal Street

Preview: Thursday, January 13th 

Run: January 14th - February 6th, 2021


Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 7PM

Sundays at 2PM


"There’s tenacity ground into every red velvet seat. (In other words, I love it.)"
"Hilarious. It has kept me helplessly laughing for days. (Phhhhhbbbbbft, I’ll say to myself, and that’s half an hour of productivity gone.)"

"As a writer, Fellini has good ideas about how to balance the elements — thriller, romance, comedy — against one another for best effect. She has an ear for both elegant speech and absurdity, and she often makes them rhyme."

"The company spit&vigor is in residence at the Players, and they have grown into its walls, intertwined like a webby, mycelial network. Florence Scagliarini’s set, like the theater itself, is a mix of gorgeous antiques and wobbly-looking architectural elements — extravagantly fringed lamps and candlewood gateleg tables."

"It’s roll-up-your-sleeves productions like this that sit closest to the pure urge to put on a show. There were moments in Ectoplasm that were absurd, certainly, but it wasn’t because the thinking was faulty or the playwright had decided to dissolve her play rather than end it. There’s something alive in Ectoplasm... The presence of that life hovers in the air around them, a ghost waiting to be summoned." Helen Shaw, Vulture

A private seance at an intimate dinner party. 1912.

Among the guests is a famous magician, hell-bent on de-bunking spiritualism. A simmering love triangle between the two spiritual mediums and a Byronesque madame adds gasoline to the tense private affair, and a mysterious uninvited guest leads the party to question life and death itself.

Photos by Caitlin Ochs:

Photos by spit&vigor: