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spit&vigor is an NYC-based, traveling non-profit theater company dedicated to makeshift, skin-of-your-teeth, ad hoc theater. We build intimate theatrical pieces with a strong backbone of human vulnerability and connection, with props and costumes made by hand from recycled and donated materials.


We hope to return to the ancient roots of theater, and to bring with us modern voices and perspectives. We bring people together by providing excellent storytelling and beautiful design, and then we challenge our audience, intellectually and emotionally, by presenting human scenarios without easy answers or alliances, with all the real complications of life lived fully.


We believe in healthy conflict and unsatisfying resolutions, and we believe that this type of art is especially necessary at this moment of social starvation. We hope to offer a service that theater specifically is uniquely qualified to provide: that of community and humanity - with all its myriad unglamorous and uncomfortable feelings, opinions, conflicts, and communion. 

Theater of guts & guile // blood, sweat, tears // spit & vigor.