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Atom, Skip, Cass, Rick, Juliana, and Annie are in a bad play. Everybody knows it's bad, but nobody is willing to say it. It's the night before opening, everything is going wrong, and someone gets beaten half to death. Now they must decide if the show must really go on. 


“…I found it thrilling. Oliver has written a fantastic play and the stellar cast often feel like they're improvising the dialogue (they're not, but that's how good some of the scenes are).


“Sara Fellini directs the evening with both an expertly comically touch and an emotional one.


“There are several moments that moved me and then there are moments, like Rich's wonderful monologues, that had me in stitches.


"I feel like a general audience can have a blast at HIT YOUR MARK/DIE BEAUTIFUL but if you're an actor it's a great show topped with a great inside joke. There's no intermission here, and I for one am glad. I didn't want the spell to be broken until I walked away.


“Continuing the tradition of films like Waiting for Guffman that playfully explores bad theatre, HIT YOUR MARK/DIE BEAUTIFULLY excels with a fiery and onery soul.”

“spit & vigor's new show HIT YOUR MARK/DIE BEAUTIFUL explores, with a loving touch, just how bad BAD theatre can be”


“A perfect recipe for our return to live in-person theatre.” 

Mateo Moreno, Arts Wire Weekly

Photos by Giancarlo Osaben

Photos by Nick Thomas and Morgan Zipf Meister

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