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By Sara Fellini


July 8 - July 25

thurs, fri, & sat @ 8PM

sun @ 3PM

performed safely in person

‘Unfortunately, there’s a corpse in this trunk.’

Sara Fellini’s dark new comedy THE WAKE OF DORCAS KELLY brings the audience front and center as a grotesquely intimate circle of mourners gather within The Maiden Tower brothel to hold a wake for Dorcas Kelly, the beloved former madame executed for her crimes against humanity, while a riot rages without on the streets of Dublin, 1762. But as the night roars on and Dorcas’ many well-kept secrets are revealed, thoughts of adoration for their departed benefactress turn to questions about their own love, lust, fear, and anger. 

Tickets $42, available to vaccinated guests.
Please click here to reserve in advance.


Chosen as one of The Observer's Best Summer Theater of 2021


Featured in TimeOut

From StageBuddy:
"Delightfully macabre"

Peter Oliver's "deadpan delivery and casual cluelessness are macabre comedy at its finest"

Florence Scagliarini "gives a standout performance", "perverse and fiery"

Adam Belvo is "delightful"

And the show itself: "how I needed it. In a city starved for live theatre, The Wake of Dorcas Kelly delivers laughs, shocks, and high spirits (metaphorically but also literally: you can purchase a cocktail inside the theatre from Misguided Spirits). It's a welcome reminder that, while virtual theatre is great, it simply can't replace a live, in-person production."


This Week in New York 

"Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, along with booze, blasphemy, and butchery — what’s not to love?"

"spit&vigor excels at mining the history of drama, literature, and art for raw material"

"Written and directed by company artistic director Sara Fellini with plenty of spit and vigor"

"a rollicking evening on Scagliarini’s cramped, dusty, but homey set with unmatched chairs, Baroque wallpaper, a back staircase, and candles, cups, glasses, and bottles everywhere"

"eerie lighting is by Chelsie McPhilimy"


"Deserving of a longer engagement, The Wake of Dorcas Kelly is a spirited night out at the theater — live and in person — performed by a strong cast that will only get better as the show continues."


"It’s so much fun spending time with these well-drawn, engaging characters and talented actors that it’s sad when the play is over and the lights go down; it’s easy to see why everyone likes stopping by and staying for a drink or two, and maybe a little more, even with dead bodies lying around."

Reviews Off Broadway:
"Well written and directed by Sara Fellini, The Wake of Drocas Kelly explores the power dynamics of the age, without sacrificing the story or laughs to get there."

"The Wake of Dorcas Kelly is a comedy first and foremost. But it also explores the power and limits of the power which these women have gained by operating outside mainstream society"

"(Kaplan) and (Scagliarini) play the two women well"
"Whores with a kind heart underneath the make-up and prickly exteriors."

"The Wake of Dorcas Kelly is a welcome return to live theater that entertains and makes you think. That is a pleasure to enjoy after so long without it."

Times Square Chronicles:
"a raucous adventure about a brothel that has its fair share of heartache and adventure"

"a roller coaster ride of a story; one which is both effective and articulate"

"a marvelous set as well as great sound design"

"Nicholas Thomas, Adam Belvo and Eamon Murphy supply plenty of comedic moments throughout the ninety minutes."

"The Wake of Dorcas Kelly will keep you entertained and laughing throughout the evening. The show was very professionally done from beginning to end."

Eva Heinemann from Hi! Drama
"with perfect costumes, set and actors, Sara Fellini has made the 18th century relevant to all the problems that we are still facing with treatment of women, power struggles, and perceptions.

"The fact that she could take this real person that caused such havoc in death so many years ago and make it seem vibrant and alive is a testament to her skills as a writer.

"Believe me, The Wake of Dorcas Kelly is one play you will not sleep through."

A letter from the audience:
"I saw the show yesterday and I loved every second of it. Two hours passed as if it were 20 minutes. It was flawlessly entertaining, just one surprise after another performed by a stellar cast. The Wake of Dorcas Kelly should be on Broadway."

Reviews from the Audience (on Show-Score): 
"Funny, Intelligent, Edgy, Great writing, Entertaining"

"Great staging, Funny, Entertaining, Clever"

"See it if you enjoy Fellini's wonderful direction, absurdist comedy, empathetic writing."

Written & directed by:
Sara Fellini
-2015 NYIT nominee Best New Script
-2018 Planet nominee Outstanding Direction

Adam Belvo- 2017 & 2019 NYIT Best Actor nominee
Phoebe Mar Halkowich
Kyra Jackson
Duoer Jia
Irina Kaplan - Anatomy Theatre PROTOTYPE Festival, Human Affairs
Eamon Murphy - Oh What a Lovely War on Terror // Edinburgh Fringe
Pete Oliver - Marriage Story, Law&Order SVU
Florence Scagliarini - 2014 Planet nominee Best Actress
Nicholas Thomas - Blunderbuss Productions

Lighting Design: Chelsie McPhilimy
Costume Design: Claire Daly
Costume Assistant: Xandra Leigh Parker

Stage Manager: Hadley Todoran

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