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tiny baby blackbox theatre

(third floor walk-up)



We offer subsidized studio rehearsal space for up-and-coming producers to hone their work in a mini blackbox theater.

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We regularly produce our own work and the work of our collaborators, indicated by our logo:


and we also host curated residencies of musicians, theater producers, comedians - and we are open to any art form, indicated by our stamp of approval:

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Upcoming Performances

February 23rd @ 7:30PM :

ANONYMOUS by Nick Thomas: Name your poison.

A deeply intimate play set in a group therapy session.

Click for tickets & info.

March 9 @ 7:30PM :

GRIND by Z. Quinn Reynolds:

Serving Humankind. Body & Soul.

An intense play about a dystopic reality.

Click for tickets & info.

April 19 & 20 :


An international tour from Herbert the Cow Productions.

A government sanctioned apocalypse, a parent and son have a clash of extremist ideologies

Click for tickets & info.

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