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spit&vigor tiny baby blackbox theatre

Our theater is located at The Players Theatre building.


115 MacDougal St,

New York NY 10012. Studio # 3C

Near the F/G/R trains.

*third floor walkup*

The theater / studio space is 19x26 feet. The ceilings are 10 feet high.

There is one door and three windows.

We have one HVAC system.

  • We have three frenels, three blue and three red clip lights, and blacklight. They are all hooked up to an ad hoc lightboard. You may not move any lights.

  • We have a mic and mic stand, and small amp. 

  • Keyboard available on request and with notice. 

  • The studio capacity is about 20 people. Photos below are of our older, smaller space.


To book our studio:

1 - Check the availability on the calendar below.

2 - Submit your request via the form below.

3 - We will respond via email to confirm your booking - if you do not hear from us and your booking is not listed on the calendar below, please follow up. The booking isn't confirmed until you hear from us

Studio is $25 per hour for theater rehearsals and meetings.

Please inquire separately for open mics and small performances - we offer a split box office with a guarantee to the house. 

Information for how to get into the studio will be provided via the confirmation email.

Please refer to the calendar below and request a booking using this form.

If you have any questions, please email


**Photos are from our older, smaller space. Stay tuned for photos of the current space, or contact us for a viewing.

  • Location

  • Photos of our old space - stay tuned for photos of our current space, or contact us to schedule a viewing.

Booking form

Please book using the form below.

We take payments using Square.

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