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Rocky Island
Rocky Island


A play series by spit&vigor.

A selection of plays will be performed each night. Drinks will be served and live & recorded music played (5-15 min). 

Featuring plays by Sara Fellini (resident playwright), Connor Nelis Johnson, Peter Oliver, Z. Quinn Reynolds, Camila Bravo Rivera

This is a unique experience, so please note before purchasing a ticket: 

-Our studio is EXTREMELY small - 15.5 x 15 feet. Seating is extremely limited, and it's tight. 
-There will be sword fights, blood, violence, sand, and intimate moments close to the audience. 
-As the room is so small and performers and audience are in very much the same area, we do not require performers to be masked but we do ask audience members to remain masked
-The runtime of each evening is slightly different, please refer to the performance schedule (

**Not every show is performed every night.**


Please review our schedule before purchasing tickets. 

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Footprints on Sand

MAROONED! The plays:

Marooned! : The Hazards of Love

written by Sara Fellini, directed by Jillian Cicalese, produced by spit&vigor


Wench pyrate, Anne Bonny, is marooned on an inhabitable island where she meets a ghost woman who promises to feed her - so long as Anne promises to eat every beast sent her way.

The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina

written by Connor Nelis Johnson, directed by Alexandra Harbold, produced by Footpath Theatre Co and presented by spit&vigor


Two rhyming pirates, Wake on an island, Look for a lifeline, Find the sublime.


written by Peter Oliver, directed by Z. Quinn Reynolds, produced by spit&vigor


Vacationing yuppies engage their baser animal instincts while watching an annual turtle race. 

Silver Blood(s)

written by Z. Quinn Reynolds, directed by Sara Fellini, produced by spit&vigor


A mystery person washes ashore and claims to be the infamous maurauding pirate, Silver Blood, to two marooned sailors - one of whom already happens to be the famed pirate Silver Blood. 

Gone Away

written by Camila Bravo Rivera, directed by Jillian Cicalese, produced by spit&vigor


A human woman washes up on an island of ancient Greek femme fatales, the first woman they ever remember seeing - forcing the mythical Grecians to contemplate their own humanity, or lack thereof. 

Group of Islands

MAROONED! Play schedule

Friday, August 5th - 7:30PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

                                                    8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                                    8:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

                                                    9PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

Saturday, August 6th - 7:30PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

                                        8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                        8:30PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

Sunday, August 7th - 7:30PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

                                                    8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                                 8:30PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

Thursday, August 11th - 7:30PM Gone Away by Camila Bravo Rivera 

                                        8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                        8:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

                                               9PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

Friday, August 12th - 7:30PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

                                                    8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                                    8:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

                                                  9PM Gone Away by Camila Bravo Rivera

                                    9:30PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

Saturday, August 13th - 7:30PM Gone Away by Camila Bravo Rivera 

                                        8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                                8:30PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

                                                          9PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

                                                      9:30PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

Sunday, August 14th - 7:30PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

                                                     8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                                     8:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

Thursday, August 18th - 7:30PM Gone Away by Camila Bravo Rivera 

                                        8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                        8:15PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

                                                8:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

                                           9PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

Friday, August 19th - 7:30PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

                                                    8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                           8:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

                                                     9PM Gone Away by Camila Bravo Rivera

                                    9:30PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

Saturday, August 20th - 7:30PM Gone Away by Camila Bravo Rivera

                                        8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                        8:30PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

                                                      9PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

                                                          9:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

Sunday, August 21st - 7:30PM Gone Away by Camila Bravo Rivera

                                    8PM Marooned! by Sara Fellini

                                                    8:30PM Jamaica by Peter Oliver

                                                9PM The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina by Connor Nelis Johnson

                                                    9:30PM Silver Blood(s) by Z. Quinn Reynolds

Play Schedule
Neurodivergent Plays - AN INTERPRETATION OF ANNA - June 16th
Neurodivergent Plays - AN INTERPRETATION OF ANNA - June 16th
Jun 16, 2024, 2:00 PM
spit&vigor tiny baby blackbox theatre
Marooned! Tickets

You must be fully vaccinated to attend this event. 


Who's Who in the Cast & Crew

2022_01_08_Peter Oliver headshots32754_RTCH (1).jpg

spit&vigor Founded in 2015, spit&vigor is a non-profit theater company devoted to the development of new plays and spirited, innovative productions of existing work. Dedicated to makeshift, skin-of-your-teeth, ad hoc theater - bringing modern voices and perspectives to the wild, chaotic, irreverent, burlesque roots of theater.  We have a special interest in gender issues, work and class issues, which we bring to all of our productions. We specialize in intimate theatrical productions in non-standard spaces. 

spit&vigor's small roster of productions has been award winning and critically acclaimed, praised as “darkly humorous, deliciously ghoulish”, “wrenching and visually eloquent”, "irresistibly dramatic" and "legitimately upsetting" by the New York Times.

In collaboration with theater company Theatre4thePeople, spit&vigor was the recipient of the 2015 New York Innovative Theater Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play Award for their very first production in a historic chapel at The West Park Presbyterian Church, which included an Artist Support Grant from the Donn Russell Fund. spit&vigor has since gone on to earn The Players Theater off-broadway Artistic Residency, The Center at West Park’s Artist Residency, IRT's 3B Residency, The Davenport space grant, and The Times Center space grant.


We have performed by special invitation at The Glitterbox Theater in Pittsburgh and the 2017 NOLA InFringe Festival. In 2019, we were invited by the descendants of famous theatrical family, the Booths, for the first-ever full theater performance at The Players, the historic social club in NYC. 

We are NYC-based but our productions have traveled from California to Texas to Louisiana and back to New York City. 

Theater of guts & guile // blood, sweat, tears // spit & vigor. 


SARA FELLINI (Project Creator, Playwright & Performer - Marooned!, Director & Performer - Silver Blood(s)) is an award-winning playwright, director, actress, and skilled artisan. Her first play, HAZARD A LITTLE DEATH, was nominated for six awards at the 2014 NYC Planet Connections Theater Festivity including Best Production of a New Play and Best Lead Actress (Sara Fellini), winning Best New Script. She performed in the monodrama THE OTHER MOZART by Sylvia Milo at The Players Theatre in NYC and toured with the production (winning Cat5 magazine’s Best Theater Production of 2015, “the voice of a crystal bell, Fellini is captivating” –NOLA Defender), and created the role of Maeve Shourd in a site-specific production of IN VESTMENTS, a play of her own writing and winner of two NYIT awards, nominated for Outstanding New Full-Length Script, earning her theater company the Donn Russell grant, and acclaimed by the NYTimes as "wrenching and visually eloquent". She has appeared in another play of her own writing, THE EXECUTION OF MRS. COTTON (called "darkly humorous" and "deliciously ghoulish" by the NYTimes) as part of IRT Theater's 3B Residency. She played Mary Shelley in MARY’S LITTLE MONSTER by Thomas Kee at the mudlark public theatre in NOLA, The Davenport Theatre in NYC as part of the Davenport space grant, and intimately at Torn Page, the historic home of Rip Torn and Geraldine Page. She played baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi in her play NEC SPE / NEC METU at The Tank’s July 2017 DarkFest, at Theater Row as part of United Solo Festival, at the mudlark public theatre in NOLA, and by special invitation at The Glitter Box in Pittsburgh, PA. She played Asia Booth Clarke in THE BRUTES ("irresistibly dramatic, legitimately upsetting" - The NYTimes) by Casey Wimpee at The Flamboyan as part of The 10th Anniversary Planet Connections Festivity, nominated for 8 awards including Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Costume Design (both Sara Fellini). During quarantine, she wrote and directed LUNA ECLIPSE, a one-shot livestream film, chosen as one of TIME OUT's Best Online Theater Productions, and she recently made her off-broadway performing and directing debut in THE WAKE OF DORCAS KELLY at The Players Theatre, a play she both wrote and directed, chosen as part of The Observer's Best Summer Theater of 2021. She has gone on to write, direct, and perform in ECTOPLASM off broadway at The Players Theatre as part of their Artistic Residency and her company spit&vigor has another upcoming residency this January. 


Z. QUINN REYNOLDS (Playwright - Silver Blood(s), Director- Jamaica, Sound Design, Live Musician, Fight Choreography)  is a multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn. After graduating from the SUNY Purchase Playwriting/Screenwriting program, (2020) they moved to New York City To begin a frustrating and short lived career in commercial video production. Since 2017, Quinn has been working with the Superhero Alliance of Western New York, The Buffalo Bisons, and The Explore and More Children’s Museum, to produce a series of multimedia interactive children’s shows. As a one person production house, Quinn writes, directs, films, edits, post produces, and scores these projects. Their work has been featured by the Road Less Traveled Theater Company, and has been awarded a place on the SUNY Heliotrope List. Outside of theater, Quinn plays lead guitar with Queens based songwriter Nora Knox. They Currently work for A.R.T. /New York as a Facilities Coordinator


CONNOR JOHNSON (Playwright, Producer, Performer - The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina) ’s timbers are shivered to be joining with spit&vigor for their Marooned! series. He’s from Salt Lake City (but is not Mormon) and moved to Brooklyn this summer. Another play he wrote (he’s only written two to be honest), Ronald and Edith, won Best of Fringe at the 2021 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival. He and Hal just co-founded Footpath Theatre Company, and here’s the instagram: Much love to the ‘rents and special thanks to Tom and Cyn.


HARRISON “HAL” LIND (Producer & Performer - The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina) is an actor, artist, outdoor enthusiast, and ardent daydreamer from Salt Lake City, Utah. They graduated from the Acting Training Program at the University of Utah in 2020. This is his New York City acting debut. He would like to thank Andra and Connor for their joy, collaboration, and support throughout the creation of this show. 


NICHOLAS THOMAS (Producer / Master of Ceremonies) is an actor, writer and director from Melbourne, Australia.  As an actor/producer he  has studied at HB Studios. His sketch comedy troupe has produced two web series and multiple television shows at MNN Studios.  He also writes, produces and directs original online content with his company Blunderbuss. Phoenix Reign:  Nominated Best Dark Comedy Screenplay, Oregon Short Film Festival (2019);  Nominated Best Comedy Television Episode Screenplay, Portland Comedy Film Festival(2018).Return Of the Green Dragon: Semi Finalist The Comedy World Network International Film Festival, (Las Vegas 2018) Businessman ShowdownNominated New York Indie Film Fest 2016. He was a performer and teacher at the Peoples’ Improv Theatre (The PIT).


ADAM BELVO (Producer & Fight Choreography) is a Brooklyn based actor and theater producer. Recent New York acting work includes Edwin Booth in THE BRUTES (2019 NYIT Outstanding Lead Actor Nominee), John Polidori in MARY's LITTLE MONSTER, Azra Todd in THE EXECUTION OF MRS. COTTON, Danny in DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, Father Nathan Shourd in the NYIT Award winning IN VESTMENTS, K.Bus and Muskie in Aztec Economy's BUTCHER HOLLER HERE WE COME (NYIT 2016 Outstanding Lead Actor nominee), Jack in OVER, Georges in HAZARD A LITTLE DEATH (Planet Connections Festival 2014: Best Actor Award Winner), Jaques in AS YOU LIKE IT, El Spectro in COLOR TVs IN TIJUANA, Ryszard in PONTIAC FIREBIRD VARIATIONS (Ice Factory 2011) and Vanya in UNCLE VANYA. Regionally, Adam has toured and performed as K.Bus in BUTCHER HOLLER HERE WE COME (Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2013, New Orleans Fringe Festival 2013, Out-of-the-Loop Festival 2014-Dallas, Revolutions 2016-Albuquerque, NM, Hollywood Fringe 2019, others), he has worked with MTB productions to produce and star in HELPLESS DOORKNOBS (New Orleans Fringe 2012) and as The Stranger in MY AIM IS TRUE (New Orleans Fringe 2011). He is Executive Producer of the Brooklyn based theater company spit&vigor (, and a collaborating member of Working Man's Clothes Productions and Aztec Economy. His work has been showcased at The 14th Street Y, The Tank, 3LD, The Ohio Theater, The New Ohio Theatre, The Davenport Theater, WestPark Presbyterian Church, The Abingdon Theater (Dorothy Strelsin and the June Havoc,) American Place Theater, Under St. Marks, and IRT Theater, among others.  


PETER OLIVER (Playwright - Jamaica) Peter is a NYC-based actor, musician and educator. Theater credits include Handsome in THE BRUTES, Dionysus in THE BACCHAE, Brandon in SLAUGHTER CITY, Jack in IN VESTMENTS and Richard in RICHARD III. Film and TV credits include Marriage Story, The Boy Downstairs, Law & Order: SVU, The Deuce, and Blue Bloods. He holds a BA from Hamilton College where he graduated Phi Beta Crappa. He has studied under Wynn Handman, Anthony Abeson and Norman Taylor.



CAMILA BRAVO RIVERA (Playwright - Gone Away) is an aspiring writer, performer, and educator. She is currently finishing a degree in Theatre Studies with a minor in Language Arts Education at the University of Central Florida. She has starred in a number of short films in Florida and hopes to continue growing as a performer and artist in New York. Her short play Gone Away is her first produced work. 


JILLIAN CICALESE (Director - Marooned!, Performer - Gone Away) is an actor, director, and teaching artist based in NYC.  She earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from the FSU Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training. She was previously seen off-Broadway at The Player’s Theatre as psychic-medium Sara Marshall in spit&vigor’s production of Ectoplasm by Sara Fellini. She is also a resident actor with NYC’s 812th best Shakespeare company, Hamlet Isn’t Dead, with whom she most recently performed as a Weird Sister and Songstress in their production of Macbeth. As a teaching artist, she offers group workshops and private coaching, which include monologue coaching, ensemble building, and Shakespeare workshops! She is excited to share these pieces with you all and thanks you for supporting the arts! To keep up with her work, visit and follow her on Instagram @jmcicalese.


ALEXANDRA HARBOLD (Director - The Wreck of Queen Thomasina) is Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory and an Assistant Professor with the University of Utah Department of Theatre. Recent directing projects include Liminal, Storm Still, Ronald and Edith (The Fairy Story Society and Flying Bobcat), The Night Witches (livestream premiere), At the Bottom (Pinnacle Acting Company), Death of a Driver and The Wolves (Salt Lake Acting Company) the PTC Play-by-Play reading of macbitches, and co-creating The Live Creature & Ethereal Things (Flying Bobcat with Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company). Upcoming projects include To See Beyond Our Time, a new collaboration with Daniel Charon and Ririe-Woodbury, and directing Jordan Ramirez’s To Saints and Stars (Good Company Theatre) and Joy Wilkinson’s The Sweet Science of Bruising (University of Utah).,

PERRI YANIV (Performer - Jamaica, Marooned!, Silver Blood(s)), born and raised in NYC, has appeared in over 40 productions locally, most recently with spit&vigor’s THE BRUTES at The Players Club and previously at The New Ohio. pre-COVID theatre credits include RAFT OF THE MEDUSA for Barefoot Theatre Company, THE PLANTATION for Brave New World Rep, and title roles in revivals of Shaw’s DON JUAN IN HELL and Ansky’s THE DYBBUK. TV/FILM credits “The Blacklist,” “BEDLAM: the series,” “Purity,” “Delivery Hour,” and the forthcoming “White Peacock.”










CAITLIN DULLAHAN-BATES (Performer - Gone Away, Marooned!) is an actor, writer, and director from NYC. She holds a BFA in Acting from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied at the Atlantic Acting School and Stonestreet Studios. Caitlin was most recently featured in spit&vigor’s productions of ECTOPLASM (The Players Theatre) and THE BRUTES (The Players Club) as well as the New York Times recommended Fucked-Up Play Fest! (Caveat NYC). Last October, she wrapped production on Hell Wanted (Irving Pictures), in which she'll make her independent feature film debut. Her upcoming short film, of which she is both screenwriter and director, Hyacinth Girl, is currently in pre-production. Caitlin is thrilled to be working with spit&vigor again on MAROONED! 


CHLOÉ BELL (Performer - Gone Away & Jamaica) is originally from Louisville, KY and received her BFA from The University of MN / Guthrie Actor Training Program. She packed up a car on December 31st 2019, to move to New York, and what a ride it's been. She's so grateful to be working with this team and is excited to share these pieces with you. Some of her most recent work here in New York has been Macbeth with Hamlet Isn’t Dead, Captain Placeholder... with Greenhouse Ensemble, Voyeur: The Windows of Toulouse Lautrec with Bated Breath Theatre Company and On Every Link a Heart Does Dangle: or Owed with The Lark Theatre. You can keep up to date with her and her work at She'd like to extend a special thank you to her immensely supportive friends and boyfriend, Andrew. <3 

STEPHANIE BOK (Performer - Jamaica) has worked in theatre for over 30 years in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City. As a writer, her work has been presented by companies such as Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs, White Bird Productions, Dramatic Question Theatre, American Theatre of Harlem, Inneract Productions, ActNow Foundation, Just Ask Productions, the Modern Day Griot Theatre Company and the DUMBO Arts Festival. She hosted the original writers’ cabaret Write Night @ Frank’s in Brooklyn for ten years. She has been a writer/producer/director/performer with the sketch comedy group American Candy since 2010. Stephanie has worked for the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York since 2000 where she currently oversees two multi-tenant performing arts facilities. She has a B.A. in Drama from the University of Southern California. Stephanie is grateful for this opportunity to perform with the talented people at spit&vigor.


AZUMI TSUTSUI (Performer - Gone Away) is from Osaka, Japan. She appeared in advertisements and commercials such as Adobe, Renaissance Hotel, Ritz, and McGraw-Hill Education. Her favorite stage roles are Woodcutter in an all-female theater production of Rashomon, Robin in Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor, Diane in Losing my Religion, and Murderer in Macbeth.  In feature films, she played the role of Interviewer in "The Vanishing of Sidney Hall" and Good Angel in "Apocalypsis." She hosted a Japanese TV show "Made in NY." Her major voice over works are Google Pixel Help Video, "Mettle Creek" (animation) and "Metanoid" (animation on adult swim .

She is a resident actor of Hamlet Isn’t Dead. She plays the French horn. She has black belt in Aikido, been trained in stage combat and fencing and Japanese sword fighting, and loved kickboxing (pre-Covid).  


MORGAN ZIPF-MEISTER (Performer - Gone Away & Jamaica) is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.  Over the past decade she has found a home in the New York Indie Theater scene, and has worked with too many companies to list here, including having worked previously with spit&vigor in ‘The Brutes’  and ‘Hit Your Mark Die Beautiful’ at the New Ohio.  She can be seen in New York's Favorite Monthly Soap Opera for the stage ‘It's Getting Tired Mildred’ as Charmaine Milton.  Morgan is also a New York Innovative Theatre Award nominated Lighting Designer and Moth storyteller, who has been featured on The Moth Radio Hour.  Her short film Push Up has played festivals both locally and internationally.  For more information, please visit  


ALEXANDER ZUCCARO (Performer - Jamaica) is an actor and artist based in NYC. He recently made his stage debut in John Debenedetto’s BlackBox SandBox for the fourth annual Rogue Theatre Festival, but Zuccaro had his breakthrough role in April 2022 as The Loner in Father John Misty’s music video for “Kiss Me”. Alexander has also appeared on prominent primetime shows for the CBS Network: The Good Fight, Madame Secretary, and NCIS New Orleans, as well as HBO’s The Deuce. His background roles in both Hollywood and Independent films include Billy Eicher and Judd Apatows’ Bros (Universal Pictures), Mon Héroine (Octopolis Productions, France), and Zootopia (Whiskey Creek). Alexander's image will be seen twice this season; as a hand model for an international Samsung advertisement and as a principal model for Marcel Schlutt's Berlin based Kaltblut magazine. Often sought after for commercials, his work includes a trendy anti-smoking internet PSA, an MLB ad, and a zany promotion for Netflix’s Don’t Look Up. Zuccaro has a BFA in Filmmaking from Montclair State University which gave him a strong background in film production and screenwriting. He is the Grand Prize winner in the 2018 New York Screenplay Contest, television sitcom pilot category, for his script entitled Town Tavern. 

Alexander is the recipient of the Director’s Fellowship at Studio LaFenice, where he studies acting and vocal technique intensively with Thaddeus Moytka. Currently focused on his own independent theatrical study and seeking representation, he  continues to make auditions, accumulating points to join SAG/AFTRA. He intends to join The Actor’s Equity Association as soon as possible. More can be seen at 


SEQUOIA (Recorded Performer - The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina) Sequoia is the tallest and shadiest tree in SLC, but started growing her drag roots in NYC! Over 3 years ago Sequoia competed in The Ultimate Drag Pageant, Dragaret Star, and more, before hosting a few shows of her own. This tall queen lived and worked in NYC for 2 years before moving to Salt Lake City to continue her drag journey in her home state. She is now a full-time drag queen and event producer in Utah, producing over 12 shows a month on her own. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and Venmo @theonlysequoia for where you can find “the queen you cannot miss” next! 

JT Kaufman (Composer - The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina) is a composer, actor and singer based in SLC, Utah. Their work seeks to push the boundaries of theatre to create a broader, more compassionate, more inclusive art form. Their previous creative experience includes co-composing and accompaniment design on Jinx! The Musical. and A Night to Dismember, and assistant composing for the Emily Dickinson Musical. When not writing music or onstage, JT can be found slacklining, adventuring, reading, or playing chess. They are so excited to present their work to the fringe festival this year!

Special thanks to:

William & Cathleen Fellini, Jeffrey & Susan Belvo, Misguided Spirits, Jonathan Detrixhe

& Megan Brackney, Tina Jenko, Lucy Colgan, Corinne Colgan,
Nozlee Samadzadeh, Claude Millman, The Richard D and Theresa L
Wimpee Fund, Thomas Kee, Caitlin Murphy, Rachel Scola, Steven
McMahon, Kathleen Crepeau, Maureen Murphy, John Mascola, Paul & Jan
Valle, Chris Ferguson, Jim Musser, Michael Gnat, Lee Hollaar, Jamie
Gaines, The Donn Russell Fund, ART/NY and The Leon Levy Foundation, The New
Ohio Theater, Materials for the Arts, Remix Market NYC, The Village
Alliance, George Walsh, Jacquie Stegmaier, Jared Saltiel,
Isaac Byrne, Christian Roberst, Rod Lathim, Maureen
Pisani, Daniel Weiler, Jaime Giangrande, Jane Greenfield,
Andy Zimmerman, Mark Roderick, Andrew Forrester, Bryan
Skarlatos, Nicholas Barounis, Matthew Cushman, Alex West,
Clara Kundin, Anna Jastrzembski, Jay Nanavati, Sean Hawk, David
Arthur Bachrach, Jamie Gaines,Olive TuPartie,
Peter Oliver, Emily Sims, Brianna Sauvage,
Christina Roman, Matt Street, Doree Voss, Z Quinn Reynolds, Hailey Gibson, Peter Joseph

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