A mysterious woman, Aine Luna, invites you the viewer into her home for a seance, in an attempt to track a mysterious inherited mental illness by summoning long-dead members of her family. The viewer then takes a very intimate, sometimes voyeuristic tour of the emotionally charged moments in the lives of deeply troubled individuals.

         LIVE PERFORMANCES NOVEMBER 4th thru 8th @8PM

Available online in November as part of our artistic residency with

The Center at West Park.

Email inquiries@spitnvigor.com to be notified when tickets are on sale.


adam belvo as MAURICE

sara fellini as AINE LUNA

christine kim as SOFONISBA

clara kundin as AN ORANGE 

caitlin murphy as BABS LOCKHART 

eamon murphy as LEE DOHERTY

becca musser as REBECCA LUNA

pete oliver as JOSEPH LUNA

xandra leigh parker as HELOISIA DE LUNIGIANA

nicole orabona as ROLAND

nicholas thomas as THE AXEMAN OF NEW ORLEANS